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6 Awesome Techniques to Paint Easter Eggs Beautifully

6 Awesome Techniques to Paint Easter Eggs Beautifully

Welcome to Happy Easter 2016 Images unique website that we dedicated to presenting you the latest trends and innovations when it comes to celebrating Easter. Tradition and modern taste shake hands to create a unique atmosphere of family gatherings around the dinner table, painting eggs and having fun.
Now we are back with a few great suggestions about painting eggs techniques that will surely create a dazzling effect on your Easter decoration work.
The beauty of these techniques lies in the fact that painted this way, eggs remain beautiful for a long time. Here is some advice for beginners in the painting of eggs.
Always buy fresh eggs
They should be preferably white
Try to boil them without breaking
Use quality paint and vivid colors
If the above four points fail, whatever techniques you use, the result will not be as expected.
Suppose that you are still able to boil some fresh white eggs without cracking, then the fun part begins- the egg painting.

boil some fresh white eggs

1. Painting with ordinary egg paint
This is the easiest technique. Boil the eggs. Dissolve various colors in a few bowls and dip the eggs in every color you would like to get. Hold it for a while dipped in the color and when the shell absorbs the desired color, take it out. Then scrub the egg with a cotton cloth soaked with oil to make the shell shiny.

Painting with ordinary egg paint

2. Painting with crystal paint.
Such paint is sold in various colors. Its secret hides in the tartaric acid, which is additionally added to the colors. You pour the Crystals while boiling the eggs. The eggs look as if they are covered with candied sugar. Such eggs look like a piece of art and are the ideal gift for Easter. Especially if you decide to present such beautiful eggs to children, they would be so happy. However, these eggs are not fighters and very easy to crack. The kids would be delighted if they win the egg fight so you'd better give them a brown egg.
Painting with tights.

3.Painting with tights.
This technique probably dates back to the time nylon stockings appeared on the market. Take the egg, it may be still raw. Before boiling it, stick a beautiful leaf or flower to it so that they as if they are printed. Then put the egg in the tights and tie well on both sides. You can boil it with the paint. If the paint is red what you get is a white leaf on a red background.

Painting with lace

4. Painting with lace.
The technique is the same as the above described, but we rely on the beauty of the lace or the elegance that the shapes stuck to the tights bring, and therefore, at least in my opinion, there is no need for additional elements. But if you want, you can add other decoration as well.

Painting with pastels

5. Painting with pastels.
This technique is better to use on yellow or palely painted eggs. Sometimes you come across poor quality paints that do not bring any color to the eggs, even if you put them in little water. The solution is wax crayons - ideal for painting egg shells. 

Painting with cotton

6. Painting with cotton.
This technique is a perfect solution if unfortunately we have bought poor quality paint. Take a piece of cotton as you turn the egg and pour upon it a few drops of blue paint, a few drops of red, yellow, etc. thus combining the colors as you like and turn the egg on the other side. Leave the egg shell to absorb the colors and after some time polish it with a cloth and a little oil.

Good luck painting and creating beautifully-colored eggs!

creating beautifully-colored eggs



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