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Beautiful Easter 2016 HD Wallpapers For Desktop

latest collection of amazingly beautiful Easter 2015 images

Here is our latest collection of amazingly beautiful Easter 2016 HD Wallpapers For Desktop that you can download free and make your celebration joyful and colorful. Enjoy our selection and send these wallpapers to family and friends along with your Easter wishes and greetings.

Easter 2015 HD Wallpapers For Desktop

Centuries before Christ, the pagan tribes of Europe celebrated the beautiful goddess of spring, called Eostre. With the festival in the late days of March, the time of the vernal equinox, they celebrated the end of winter and the birth of new life. Some people believe that the name of the Easter holiday comes from the name of the goddess, and others - that it is associated with the rising of the sun from the east.
Easter holiday comes

The Chocolate eggs appear in the late 18th century. The Plastic eggs used for decoration at Easter, made its debut in the early sixties.

The Chocolate eggs appear

The traditional Buns with raisins that are prepared for Easter date back to ancient times.
One of the old Easter traditions is baking the buns with a cross of icing sugar on top. The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans marked the loaves with religious signs in honor of their gods.
There are many superstitions associated with these traditional buns -it is believed that if they are kept at home from one Easter to the other festival the next year- they will bring good luck to the house. Cross buns were used as a talisman that protected sailors from shipwrecks. People used to hang them over the chimney in the kitchen. So that they made sure that each bread, baked in the oven, would be perfect.

The Easter lily

The Easter lily
The Lily flower is a symbol of purity because of its snow white color and delicate form. It symbolizes innocence and glamour of new life. It is called the Easter flower because its colors bloom in early spring.

Easter Bunny
Easter bunny has its origin from preChristian science of fertility. Rabbits, and wild rabbits symbolize the abundance of spring.
From antiquity the rabbit is a symbol of the moon and the first full moon after the vernal equinox marks the date of Easter. 

The Easter colorful eggs

Hares are born with their eyes open, while rabbits are born blind. It is believed that they never blink and turn a blind eye, and that they are creatures of the night, and the moon. Also, they bear their babies one month before they give birth to them, just as the moon needs a month to reach its full phase.

the Easter Bunny

According to one legend, the Easter Bunny was in the beginning a big beautiful bird that belonged to the goddess Eostre. One day, she turned her favorite bird into a hare. And as the Easter bunny is still a bird at heart, he continues to make nests and fills them with eggs.

the goddess Eostre

Beautiful Easter 2015 pics

So these were our awesome Easter HD wallpapers that will make your desktop extremely beautiful during the Easter Celebration days 2016. This Easter day is on March, 27 this year. So don't forget to have fun and enjoy the festival of the triumph of spring, new life, resurrection and salvation for mankind.

awesome Easter HD wallpapers



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