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Beautiful Happy Easter Eggs Images and Pics 2016

Beautiful Happy Easter Eggs Images and Pics 2015

Dear Readers, if you are looking for Beautiful Happy Easter Eggs Images and Pics 2016 you have come to the right place! We chose a collection of 10 Stunning Professional Pics of Easter Eggs that will bright up your day. Take a closer look, you will be pleasantly delighted!

Happy Easter Wishes

We paint Easter eggs On Maundy Thursday before the very event. There are many variations and beliefs associated with the emergence of this practice. According to one legend, it was associated with an incident that occurred when Christ was on the cross. At this point a hen came and laid an egg in the feet of Jesus. The blood flowing from the body of Christ dyed the egg in red and thus people began the practice of dyeing Easter eggs. According to another version, Mary Magdalene stood up in front of the Emperor Tiberius and gave him a gift -a red egg with words "Christ is risen!" (These are the first words of the Easter sermon as well).

Painted eggs, according to a popular belief, have a magical and protective properties and the first egg is buried in the fields for fertility, or held in front of the icon in the house to "heal" the sick with it. When the housewife paints the first egg, she rubs it with him cheeks of the children to be healthy. Other nations attribute to the Easter egg the power to extinguish fires on the condition that just before he throws the egg into the fire, the farmer should go round his house with it three times. With the red egg in hand people search for lost cattle as well.

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Eggs were painted, given away and eaten during the Easter festivals in ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. These cultures perceived the egg as an emblem of the universe as a creation of the gods, as the germination of life. Rituals associated with it, symbolized the birth of life. Romans, Gauls, Persians and Chinese painted and exchanged eggs at the onset of spring, celebrating the renewal of nature after the long and cold winter. According to them, the egg had magical powers - it was buried in the foundations of the house to protect it and its inhabitants from evil forces; The pregnant Roman women tried to predict the sex of their future child, and the brides had to step on the egg before crossing the threshold of their new home, etc. Generally the egg was a necessary component in many rituals in pagan times.

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Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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Easter is a festival and also holiday

Easter is on April 12



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