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Beautiful Happy Easter Retro Greeting Cards 2016

So you are looking for Beautiful Happy Easter Retro Greeting Cards 2016? Check out our recent collection of lovely pictures dedicated to this wonderful celebration!







The Easter Cross Bun is a sweet ritual bread that symbolizes the body of Jesus Christ. Traditionally it is prepared and eaten at Easter.

It is claimed that the history of the cross cake began in the early 17th century in France, from where it gradually spread across Europe. In Russia the Easter ritual bread is called kulich and in Italy - panetone.
Nowadays, the Easter cross buns are no longer only a religious symbol but they have become a food product, a type of pastry dough, which can be found in stores throughout the whole year. From the same dough many bakeries prepare other pastries such as rolls and muffins.
The preparation of the Easter cake is a sacred ritual.

Every housewife who has made such a cake knows that it is difficult to prepare and requires much time, and special conditions, for example, the room where the dough is kneaded must be well heated.
Often people add to the dough different kinds of nuts, raisins, grated lemon peel, even delight, jam and more.

Traditionally the Easter bun must be kneaded on early Saturday morning and its consumption cannot begin earlier than the Sunday after Easter, as previously it is the time of the great fasting.

Let the light of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ enlighten our souls, our thoughts and our actions! Let's pray together for the benevolence of Christ to provide protection and grace for our families and our homes! Christ is Risen! Truly, He is risen!

Easter is the most ancient Christian holiday and a symbol of the triumph of our Savior, but this celebration is very close to all the modern people. Two thousand years ago Jesus spoke about a new world of peace and love, humility and justice. Many people before Jesus sacrificed themselves for their causes in the long history of mankind, but only in Nazareth there was born a man who accepted his suffering and death to atone for the sins of everyone else!

And a miracle happened. Millions of people all over the world accept with faith the words of the Savior about love and compassion, and his teachings guided the people out of the darkness of paganism. 

Resurrection is the miracle that is the basis of all Christianity, the largest celebration of faith, because it is a celebration of enlightenment, and the eternal search of justice and harmony.

Dear friends, the belief in resurrection is higher knowledge about our own powers, opportunities and virtues. May our Lord bless us with strength and reason to follow his noble deeds.

Stay healthy, blessed, and faithful!



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