Sunday, 15 February 2015

Easter Eggs Awesome Painting Techniques

Easter Eggs Painted With Silk Ties

Easter is near and it's time to start with the idea of painting the Easter eggs. Today I offer you something very simple, but extremely spectacular - eggs, painted silk ties.

What you need:
A few pieces of 100% silk ties (shirts, scarves are possible options as well)
Cotton cloth
Thread or some kind of soft wire

painting the eggs

The fabrics in this case is particularly important because it guarantees quality coloring of the egg shell. So first make sure that the fabric you will use is not polyester or other synthetic fabrics. This information is usually written on the garment's label.
You can buy ties from the shops and second-hand stores. So painting the eggs will not come out expensive.

Techniques of painting the Easter eggs

Use dark colors - dark blue, purple and red colors are the most suitable ones. Prints with tiny figures are preferable because they can be printed on the whole egg
Cut the tie where the seams are and remove the liner so that only silk remains. Cut it into pieces that are large enough to cover a whole egg. Wrap it tightly, making sure the front side of the fabric remains outside. Tighten as much as possible, but be careful not to break the egg. The denser the silk around the egg is, the better will the patterns of the fabric printed on it. 

Once you wrap the eggs in the tie, wrap them in cotton cloth as well. Most preferably it should be the same color as the color of the egg shell. The other option is just to be white. Old pillowcases will do a great job. Sew with thread or soft wire.
Place the eggs in a saucepan and pour the water. Add 1/4 tea cup wine vinegar and leave to boil. Boil them for about 20 minutes. Remove them from the heat and place them on a towel to dry and cool.
You will receive a beautifully colored eggs with different funny figures all over the shell.

Different Colored Easter Eggs

You can make colorful decorations on Easter eggs, using rice, lentils, small beans or nuts? This is easily done - brush the boiled eggs or the eggs from which you have removed the yolk and the whites in advance, using non-toxic glue and sprinkle with rice, nuts, or different shapes of noodles on them as shown in the pictures:

colorful decorations on Easter eggs, using rice

Beautifully Decorated Easter Eggs

Eggs With Lentils and Rice

If you like you can sprinkle the same egg with different beans for achieving colorful effect and joyful patterns.


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