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How To Make Beautiful Glittering Easter Eggs Easily

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Easter along with Christmas, is one of my favorite holidays. While Christmas is quiet and somewhat more restricted to the home and family, Easter is bright and brilliant. Easter challenges us to go out in the street to mingle with the crowd, laugh, flaunt with our new clothes, taste new foods. Easter is a true celebration of the reviving nature and the awakening of nature from the hibernation period. No matter what we believe in, we all get enchanted with this wonderful celebration. The winter cold and snow have made us inert, sleepy, lazy. So Easter is the time to empower ourselves with motivation and new strength.

I love decorating eggs to give away to relatives and friends because my friends are many, and the decoration is usually complex and requires more time dedicated on each egg. But doing it is lots of fun, celebration and anticipation of the lovely meetings. And as you think about it, the egg is a symbol of the birth of a new world. Every world culture has its belief that the egg  gives birth to something very significant. So the eggs truly deserve a fabulous decoration.

How To Make Beautiful Glittering Easter Eggs Easily

And since I had long "wave of Easter" I decided in the coming days in several consecutive publications to share the ways in which embellish their Easter eggs. I try every year they are different and they surprise those who will receive them.

Here is the first idea - a lot of glow! For this decoration I was inspired by an article in a lovely website- make sure to check it out as well:

Materials needed for the decoration

For this idea you need an egg emptied of its content and rinsed thoroughly with soap and water. Cut out small satin ribbon petals and start sticking them with a fast-drying glue on the surface - first cover the holes. 

Funny Easter Eggs

To make it easier for work, place the egg on the cap of a mineral water bottle, so that it stays stable. In the formation of the colorful petals from the satin pieces you can use your own imagination. I often combine two colors of satin pieces, and to achieve a great glowing effect I attach shiny sequins and beads. Then, when the whole egg is plastered with the flower petals, I contour/outline branches and leaves with brocade glue, and finally, in order to make the whole egg shine, |I fill the empty spaces with small dots of brocade. The decoration is a lot of fun, and the final result is stunning, so all the efforts are definitely worth it. The brocade glue dries slowly, a lot of time takes the drying of the golden contour as well. So, arm yourself with patience - while you are waiting for one egg to dry, you start decorating another one. Do not worry if the brocade gets a little smeared, it will still fulfill its role - to make the whole egg shine like charm. But if the blurred spot irritates you, then you must apply shining dots of another color on top in order to achieve perfection.

Easter Egg Decoration Technique

It is important to remember that if you decorate so an egg in which the inner part is not removed, you must not eat it once the decoration is over because the substances in the adhesives and the brocade contour can penetrate the shell and harm you.

In conclusion, to sum it all up:

The Materials That You Need: Satin ribbons in different colors, sequins, beads small, fast-drying glue, glitter (brocade) glue in different colors, gold decorative contour (you may use one applied for textile, metal, wood, etc.), curved nail scissors.

Step-by-step tutorial how to decorate eggs

Time for the whole procedure to be completed: Counting drying glue of brocade, which will require hours, decorating an egg in this way will take about a day. But in the intervals you can do many other things or decorate other eggs.

Decorating Easter eggs with this technique is not expensive at all. For each egg you can use about 20 cm satin ribbon and no more than 10 sequins and beads, and they cost pennies; one package brocade glue is also pretty affordable, so you can decorate many eggs in such an ingenious way. Enjoy the final effect of festive glow and joyful vibes!

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