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The Best collection of Easter Cards, Images and Pictures

The Best collection of Easter Cards, Images and Pictures

Easter is a Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is one of the brightest holidays in the Orthodox religion. Every year people from all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after being crucified and buried. Easter celebration lasts three days, during which people greet each other with the words "Christ has Risen".
The celebration of Easter is full of traditions and customs. The festival itself is preceded by the Holy Week (the days of Christ's suffering), during which people fulfill certain Christian traditions. One of them is the painting of Easter eggs. Tradition requires that the oldest woman must paint the first egg, then children join her to enjoy the decoration of the other eggs. The egg fight begins on Easter Sunday. The 8-week fasting is over, the table is filled with various dishes, cakes and cookies.

Easter Bunny

We love to exchange Easter cards. They include a variety of sincere wishes for a bright Christian holiday and are filled with many colors to symbolize the hope for a better world. Most Easter cards include colorful eggs, little chickens or bunnies, traditional cakes, pictures of Jesus Christ to remind Christians that he is the one who redeemed our sins.

Here you can find beautiful Easter cards.

the painting of Easter eggs

Easter eggs painting

bright Christian holiday

Easter Cards, Images and Pictures

Christ has Risen

Easter Chicken with roses

Easter Bunny with colored eggs

Little chickens with colored eggs

Sheep with eggs and tulips

So these are some of the sweetest Easter cards on the net, hope you send them to your loved ones to make them happy and show your affection and love.

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