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The Legend of Painting The Easter Eggs Red

Cross bun with red eggs

Easter is a wonderful celebration of hope, love, and faith. Are you wondering what are the Easter history and traditions? So the below article is exactly for us, as it gives some thorough explanation of the Easter rituals, and the The Legend of Painting The Easter Eggs Red.

Easter is the biggest celebration of the Orthodox Christians. Its celebration lasts for three days. The date changes within April 4 to May 8 and it is determined annually by special tables according to the lunar calendar.

Acrylic painted eggs

According to a manuscript dating back to the X century, which is kept in the monastery "St.. Anastasius "near Thessaloniki, The Christian custom of painting eggs dates back to apostolic times and Mary Magdalene was the first one to initiate this tradition. When she came to Rome, she appeared in front of the Emperor Tiberius, gave him a red egg and said: "Christ is risen!" Thus she declared her faith. And since then on, the Christians began to paint the eggs red and give them away as gifts. Another legend tells that after the death of Christ seven Jews gathered to eat at a festive table. On the table they put chicken and hard-boiled eggs. During the feast one of the Jews foretold that Jesus would rise again on the third day of his death. The host of the event objected: "Only if the chicken on this table went alive and the eggs turned red, then Jesus would rise!" At that very moment the eggs changed their color into red and the chicken went alive.
Four red eggs

The practice of coloring eggs in Eastern Europe is taken from the Slavs in the second half of the V and the beginning of the VI century. "Perun" is the name of the god of thunder. Thursdays were celebrated as days against the thunder and hail that are devastating for the crop. Because Thursday was considered a day of Perun, it was given the name "Perundan" (Perunov day) meaning "Thursday" in the language of the Slavs. So this is where the tradition to dye the eggs on Thursday came from. So on this day The lady of the house paints the eggs, the first two are always red. They are freshly taken from hen on early morning that day. It is believed that they have healing properties and the first one is put next to the icon, and next year it is buried in the first furrow of the field. With the second egg the woman in the house rubs the face of every child for health, then it is hidden in a special place and kept there to be used for the healing treatment of humans and animals.

Lovely red eggs for health



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