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Top 5 Easter Most Beautiful images and Pictures

Top 20 Easter Most Beautiful images and Pictures

Although Easter is one of the brightest holidays in the Christian calendar, history reveals its origins dates back pagan rituals. Long before the birth of our Savior, Anglo-Saxon people gathered in early spring to watch the revival of the earth and nature.Over the centuries, the original symbols of the holiday have acquired a different meaning for different people, depending on their faith.
Easter Eggs with application
Coloring and exchanging Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and carnival processions, all these traditions have their roots deep in the past. Whether you are religious or simply like the joyful atmosphere of this Spring festival learning more about Easter traditions is interesting and a way to connect with what the previous generations have done to celebrate Easter.
Easter history.The English medieval historian Bede (673-735 years) believed that the Anglo-Saxon name of Easter  was derived from ancient Teutonic mythology. Eostre is an Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring and April celebrations were organized in her honor after the vernal equinox.
In their desire to make Christianity more acceptable for the pagans, the Anglo-Saxon
Christians began to use the name Easter for the Christian holiday, marking the resurrection of Christ. Moreover, Easter coincided with the ancient celebration of the coming spring. At the same time Easter was more connected with the Jewish Passover holiday, which was celebrated during the first Jewish lunar month of Nisan year. Passover marks the salvation of the Jewish people by God after 300 years of slavery in Egypt and their miraculous escape under the leadership of Moses.
Easter Hen made from eggs

Cross ritual cakes. While the Christians see in the Easter cross buns a symbol of the crucifixion of Christ,  these buns actually originate from the Anglo-Saxons, who prepared the cross bread in honor of Eostre. These crossed patterns represented a quarter of the moon and our connection with the Earth. The traditional Easter sweet bread was prepared for the first time in France in the 7th century.
1. These wonderful Easter eggs are a triumph of the imagination and the crafty hands. They are adorned with beads and different ingenious patterns made of rolled color paper. They truly deserve the first place in our chart.

2. We fell in love with these exquisite Easter eggs, a lovely masterpiece of art. Here the author has used the quilling technique to produce an effect of luxury and expensive taste.

Quilling Easter eggs

3. Another example of elaborate work and precision about the small details. A sensation of joy, splendor and lavishness after the winter hibernate state of nature.

A butterfly on an Easter egg

4. A reflection of the universe and its incredible variety of shapes and forms. A cosmic experience, an explosion of colors and effective impact under the surface.

Colorful Painted Easter eggs

5. the tiny ladybirds applied to the eggs with adhesive give us a feeling of tenderness and warmth, the eggs look joyful and entertaining, especially for the kids in the household.

Eggs decorated with ladybirds


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