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Top 7 Decoration Ideas For Colorful Easter Eggs With Pictures

Lovely colored eggs

Boil the eggs. Prepare paint in separate cups according to the directions on the package. Dip half of the egg (or less) in the paint. Hold until the desired color is achieved. Then dip the non-colored half in another color paint. Hold until the desired color.
If we immerse different parts of the egg in different colors, we get beautiful color stripes.

Striped colored eggs

2. Create beautiful sprinkle effect using aluminium foil.
Method:Mash up a piece of aluminum foil. Unfold it and pour some paint on it. Wrap up the egg in the foil and let it stay this way for a while so that the shell absorbs the paint. Then remove the foil.
To obtain the effect of some color splash, or achieve different color patterns, repeat the whole procedure with another piece of foil with a different color paint.

3. Unique bubbles decoration. Method: On a piece of bubbled nylon put some amount of the desired paint color. Hold the egg at both ends and roll it over it.You can repeat the same procedure with another color paint.

4. Dye the Easter eggs in a single color and then draw funny faces on them. A very entertaining decoration process, especially for kids.

Funny painted eggsFunny Easter eggs
Top 10 Decoration Ideas For Colorful Easter Eggs With Pictures

5. Immerse a thick thread (or yarn) in the paint and pull it over the egg, drawing a line or two. Repeat the procedure with another thread dipped in a different paint color. The result is ingeniously decorated, randomly striped or beautifully smeared eggs.

Originally painted eggsBeautifully smeared eggs

6. Pour the eggs with apple vinegar. Pour them with the dissolved pain directly from the bottle of paint dropped onto the eggs. Put the eggs in a container and gently shake it to distribute the paint equally. Leave the eggs for about 1 minute to absorb the paint. Repeat with a different color.

Leave the eggsPut the eggs in a container

Dip the eggs in paintLovely colored shiny eggs

7. Put the desired paint on folded edged paper. (This paper is used in some confectionery packages, but if you don't have such ready made paper, you can fold it yourself). Hold the egg at both ends and rolled it along the paper. You can repeat with another color paint.

Top 5 Decoration IdeasFlowers on Easter Eggs



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