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Top 8 Easter Greeting Images 2016

purple easter eggs

Easter is in a few days - the triumph of light over darkness, the resurrection of Christ gives us new hope. Our dreams of a better life soar above the ordinary and mundane, and we look for spiritual purification. All of us love Easter, along with the wonderful palette of colors that this holiday brings. The positive spring mood permanently settles in our daily life, bringing more sunshine and smiles. 
If you want to greet your family members, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances on the occasion of Easter, take a look at out lovely collection of Top 8 Easter Greeting Images 2016 that we have provided for you.
Chocolate Bunny and Easter basket

Let us enter the temple with open hearts, to light a candle for health, to forgive others and ourselves, too, and come out better, more empathetic, more noble ...
On these sunny days before Easter we wish you health, joy, and spiritual awakening.
Be cheerful, positive and know that happiness will find you! Let there be peace and love in your hearts!
Christ has Risen!
Let the light of the Resurrection warm our hearts and souls, make us much better and our lives - really meaningful! We heartily wish you a good time and a basket full of smiles, at this bright celebration of Easter spring promises come true and happy new memories await you!
Praying Jesus

A legend says that when Jesus Christ was going to be crucified, his enemies were throwing unhatched rotten eggs at Him. However, according to God's will, once the rotten eggs touched his body, they turned into healthy, beautiful, red eggs. In honor of this miracle people began to paint Easter eggs red.

The remaining eggs are painted in different colors and paint. The blue color symbolizes integrity, the violet one symbolizes the cross, the green one- the Christ's disciples, and the yellow one- God himself.
The tradition requires us to dye the eggs on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, their number depends on the family members in the household. The first egg is always colored red by the oldest woman in the family. While the egg is still warm and freshly painted, she puts a red sign in the shape of a cross on the foreheads of children in the family.

Christ has risen

Jesus walking on water GIF image

Jesus the savior of mankind

Easter greeting

Easter flowers

Yellow tulips for easter

Angels at Easter

The Holy Bible and Jesus
Yellow chicken and easter egg



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