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10 Funny Ideas For Easter Baskets 2016 with Pictures

If you need funny ideas for Easter decoration, here are 10 Funny Ideas For Easter Baskets 2016 with Pictures to inspire you and boost your creativity. They are perfect to decorate your home to get in tune with the jolly Easter spirit, or send them to family and friends as presents.

Traditionally, Easter is associated with spring, with chickens and small fluffy bunnies. They are a fun detail not only for children but for adults who like to decorate their homes for the holiday with flower baskets and eggs. Here are some fun ideas for beautiful and original Easter baskets.

1. Fluffy Bunny

Resembling a plush toy, this basket in the shape of a bunny is suitable for the living room or the nursery. It can be combined with other similar figures, and inside there can be placed eggs, and the basket can be decorated with greenery as well. The dimensions of the accessory are 25 x 35 x 30 cm.

2. Decorative basket for Easter eggs

Decorative basket of Easter eggs, which is hand painted with pastel colors is a great idea indeed. The height of the accessory is 23 cm. In the upper part there is added a small figurine of two bunnies. Along with this Easter basket you can add several artificial, brightly colored eggs. It is a wonderful detail to the festive table or to outline other Easter accents.

3. Baby basket with bunnies and chickens

This soft fabric basket, complemented by soft toys in the shape of an egg, a chicken or a bunny is extremely suitable for the youngest members of the family. It is safe for babies and the details added help the kids explore the surrounding world.

4. Cardboard Tower - bunnies

A Simple idea that you can use in many ways. Each tower consists of three different sized circular cardboard boxes in which there can be placed treats and Easter holiday accessories. Together they form a figurine of a bunny with soft ears and paws in white and pink. In The largest box there are painted cheerful colorful bunnies.

5. Special gift basket with a bunny

A great Joy for children and adults, this wicker white basket contains everything you need for the holiday. Complemented by a soft toy - a bunny, full of goodies and gifts that can be sent with a personal message to the recipient.

6. Easter basket - diorama

A Miniature scene on the basket is a mountain church with a fence and trees, greenery and vivid colors, complemented by two bunnies - male and female. This accessory puts A Great emphasis on the Easter table and creates a vigorous and positive mood in the interior.

7. Basket - Bunny

Designed for girls and boys, this soft rabbit basket is available in two colors - pink and blue. Its base is in the shape of a rabbit head with ears, and it can gather treats and gifts for the little ones. The basket has a diameter of 40 cm and is a great piece for you home Easter decor.

8. A Soft basket with a bunny for girls and boys

Funny and impressive, this Easter basket is made of soft fabric and polyester filling. It comes in two colors - blue for boys and pink for girls. It can be full of chocolates, sweets and toys, or be used as a lovely accent in the interior. At the top of the basket you can embroider the names of your kids. Its dimensions are 20 x 30 cm.

9. Wicker basket with a bunny

Simple but very fresh, this basket is made of bamboo and is supplemented with a figure of a bunny from soft fabric in white and pink. The diameter of the basket is 23 cm. In it you can place treats, toys or Easter eggs. You can use it as a basis for the decorative details added later on- artificial grass, figurines and so on.

10. Children's basket with a Bunny

Another cheerful basket for the holiday, created for children. It is made of soft material and has the form of a pink rabbit. His body is a basket of goodies, eggs and toys, in the front there can be added the embroidered names of the kids. The soft fabric and filling accessories make it safe for children and a great choice for the festive interior of children's rooms.


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