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5 Interesting Unique Techniques For Easter Eggs Decoration 2016

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Easter is one of the most hilarious and beloved Christian holidays. This holiday often becomes an occasion to gather the whole family together around the festive table full of delicious Easter delights. What can't we go without at the Easter table? Of course, we can't do without beautifully colored Easter eggs! Painting eggs is an indispensable tradition in which everyone loves to participate, both children and adults.

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With each subsequent Easter, however, it is more difficult to come up with new and innovative techniques to decorate the eggs. So we suggest some interesting ways to give charming and striking appearance of your handmade eggs decoration this year.

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The first incredible suggestion for decoration is both interesting and practical. If you have an old and useless lace tablecloth or blouse you will finally find its application in painting Easter eggs. The idea here is that the pattern of the lace has to leave a mark on the egg.

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We all love traditionally Painted eggs. However if we would like to surprise our family with some unusual Easter eggs decoration, we can get some inspiration from the following awesome techniques for painting Easter eggs. We introduce to you 5 Interesting Unique Techniques For Easter Eggs Decoration 2016 that will get you the admiration of your relatives and friends.

1. In this technique, the egg is wrapped in lace, then it is tied tightly. The eggs are immersed in the desired color, and then after about 10 minutes they are removed. Once drained and dry, free them from the fabric. The end result is that you will have beautiful patterns, and the eggs will look like a work of art.

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2. The next idea for decorating Easter eggs is just as easy and impressive as the first one. It is enough to dip the cooked eggs in the glue, which is not momentary or silicone glue. Then just dip the eggs in a bowl with small colored beads. That's it!

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3. Decoration foil is the easiest way to give your Easter eggs dazzling appearance. You just need to supply thin color film and paste eggs with it.

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4. You can easily decorate already boiled eggs using soft pastels. The only condition is that the eggs are left to cool down. With crayons draw figures on their shells. Then just dip the eggs in the selected paint.

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How do sugar decoration eggs sound to you? It is enough to stir a cup of powdered sugar with a little water, the goal is to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Then take a pastry syringe and make a glaze desired design on the pre-painted eggs. Finally leave the eggs to dry.

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So these were our Top 5 Interesting Unique Techniques For Easter Eggs Decoration 2016. Enjoy the wonderful effect of glittering Easter eggs totally in tune with the overall Easter mirth and positive vibrations of the holy celebration. Prepare beautifully decorated eggs with these easy-to-apply techniques and amaze your closest people with your stunning ideas.


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