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Easter 2016 Top Animated Images and Pictures

Easter is the biggest celebration of the Orthodox Christians. In the Gospel texts it is often mentioned that Jesus Christ repeatedly foretold His Crucifixion and his Resurrection three days after that. On the third day after his funeral, Mary Magdalene went with other women in the tomb to anoint Jesus' body with fragrant oils, as that was the ancient tradition, she found the tomb empty.

Certainly there are no Orthodox Christians, who at least once in their life, have not thought about the atoning sacrifice of the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ. We know that the Son of God descends on earth, takes human flesh, lives among the people and teaches them love and compassion, healing their pains and infirmities. Finally he allows to be captured by the Jewish leaders and to be condemned to the most ignominious death for the time - sacrum. Nailed to a wooden cross on Calvary's hill, he suffers for all men on earth. To redeem them from the slavery of sin and death. 

But no one can be saved without his personal involvement. Who wants and seeks salvation must ignore the vain pursuit of worldly things and follow Jesus, and carry on spreading His covenant love. Christians must keep in their hearts God's law and seek to implement it. 

It must always be remembered that salvation is not redeemed with silver or gold, but with something much more valuable - the purest blood of Christ. This pious mood is felt even more in the days before the advent of the biggest holiday - Easter. Since the human soul consists of mind, feeling and will, the Orthodox Church has organized worship in such a way that Christians can participate in it with mind, emotions and will.

The Events associated with Christ's Resurrection, occurred in the days around the Jewish festival of Passover. That is why from the beginning the celebration of Easter is linked to the Jewish Passover. As due to its link with the lunar calendar Passover is a movable feast therefore, respectively Easter changes its date. An ancient rule sets that Easter is not celebrated at the same time as Passover with the Jews, but on Sundays around it, always after the day of the vernal equinox. 

At the Council in 325, there was a suggestion that Easter is celebrated on the same day by all the Christians. Thus there was defined the principle that Easter is celebrated on the Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. The feast continues for three consecutive days, the date is movable - between 4 April and May 8th. It is determined annually by the special tables according to the lunar calendar.

Preparations for the festival begin in the week before Easter (the passionate week), as people paint eggs and knead cakes and for lunch at the table is served lamb. On the first morning of the holiday a solemn church service is held. People light up candles and bring them home. The dishes at the festive table ending the long period of fasting known as Lent. The feast is celebrated with Easter eggs and ritual breads. Traditionally, people fight with red and colored eggs for health.



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