Friday, 20 March 2015

Easter Cards 2016- New Beautiful Collection

Happy Easter Day 2016 to all of you, dear readers. This solemn day is the sign of victory over death and evil, and the salvation of all the mankind. It is said that the son of god Jesus Christ arouse from the dead three days after his funeral. Easter is celebrated all over the world with happiness and joy. On this occasion people send various types cards to their friends and relatives. We have prepared for you many happy Easter cards 2016 that you can freely download. take a look at our various happy Easter cards with quotes, etc.
Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after March, 20 . This year it will be celebrated on March 27, 2016.  On this day people go to the church and pray for God’s blessing.


People update their facebook page by posting happy Easter cards as their facebook covers or profile pics. Here we are providing the most famous happy Easter card for Whatsapp, facebook, twitter, etc. free. People use the cards to send greeting messages online, so we have the happy Easter day Message cards, Greeting cards and many more. Feel free to download the Happy Easter Cards to your desktop or the online social networks to share with your family and friends.


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The Beautiful and bright celebration of the Resurrection of the Lord is the most basic, important event loved by all the Orthodox Christians, because it is a special day of the victory of life over death, the day when it became clear that death was not the end of everything, but only a conductor to the Kingdom of God.
The Bright Resurrection of Christ is called Orthodox Easter. The preparation for Easter requires not only denial of a variety of foods but also a time of spiritual purification and repentance.
The Great Lent, the days of the 40- day fasting is essential to the entire Christian doctrine. Easter is very rich in traditions and rituals, many of which are observed till the very event itself. 
In 2015, Orthodox Easter falls on April 12 and, then, exactly on this day  the great celebration begins but it is important to prepare in advance.
How to celebrate?

Of course, to feel the fullness of Paschal joy, it is important to survive the Lent, following the prescribed monastic rules, it is true that such an act requires complete dedication and sincere understanding of what you do. The celebrations of this great feast, according to the Easter traditions and customs, began with the Easter worship, which takes place at night, on Holy Saturday.
Usually in Orthodox churches the festive service starts exactly at midnight, but if you want to get directly inside the best advice is to come and take your place by occupying a seat in advance, because in the holy night the church is so full of people.
The Celebration service is always full of joy and a positive attitude, it is very solemn. After the service everyone greets with the saying "Christ is Risen!" and then people organize a celebration at home or directly in the temple.


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