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Easter Celebration 2016 Around The World

Easter Celebration 2015 Around The World

Dear Readers, I know you are wondering how Easter celebration is going on around the world, so I decided to present you the customs and traditions of welcoming this special event in the different parts of the globe. The rites and customs are by no doubt very interesting and unique, because they are marked by different beliefs and cultures. Here are some entertaining facts about the spring festival of light and resurrection.

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In many European countries (especially Germany) the main Easter symbol is the Easter rabbit. According to one version, the pagan goddess Eostre turned the bird into a rabbit, but he continued to lay eggs. Another version states that the parents of children in a poor mountain village hid colored eggs in the bushes to surprise their children. In the morning the kids went to search for the eggs and the Easter bunny popped out of the bushes. The children decided that the eggs were brought by the rabbit.

Easter symbols

In Poland the festive table is full of a variety of dishes made from meat, dairy products, pasta, etc. On the table people place a figure of a lamb made from sugar or oil. To know that not everything in life is sweet, it is served and grated with horseradish. All the dishes are blessed in the church.

Faberge eggs

In the Czech Republic instead of meat dishes and pasta they bake "mazanets" - sweet buns with raisins and almonds. During the Feast the Czech girls and boys spray themselves with water to wash away the traces of winter. Then they give away painted eggs.

In Slovakia people serve a dessert called "Pasqua" - a of pyramid pressed cottage cheese with cream, sugar, eggs and butter, which is decorated with candied fruits.

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In England during the feast the whole family gathers together and on the table they place roast lamb with vegetables, Easter cake also known as simnel cake, and painted eggs. On Sunday morning they serve muffins decorated with a cross (hot cross buns) for breakfast. In Lancashire there is a competition: boys and girls descend boiled eggs from steep hills and the winner egg is the one which first comes down without breaking. 

In many parts of the country professional dancers perform a dance called Morris Dance. It is believed that this dance banishes evil ghosts. The dancers are dressed in beautiful white shirts, red belts, black pants and straw hats with flowers and confetti. Scones and cakes with marzipan are also present at the festival.

In Italy, people bake a cake in which they put painted eggs. Traditionally they make a cassata - sponge cake with ricotta as well. Celebrations are lavish and spectacular, and the table is full of sweets. In Lombardy people bake Easter bread in the shape of a dove. In Liguria they make torta pasqualina (a pie with cheese, eggs and vegetables) with thirty three barks, symbolizing the years of the life of Christ.

In France, the symbols of the holiday are the bells and the fish. It is believed that on Good Friday the bells carry the grief of those who mourn for the crucifixion of Christ on this day. The rabbit is present as a symbol in these areas, which are on the border with Germany. Lunch includes braised lamb with vegetables. On early Morning when kids wake up they start looking for eggs first in their homes, and then their search continues full of laughter in the gardens.

In Greece, Easter is the largest festival and is celebrated with great solemnity and magnificence. Lunch begins with maeyeritsa (mutton tripe soup with eggs and lemon juice). This replaces the lamb dish. The Greeks bake tsoureki - a cake, which is sometimes decorated with painted eggs. The traditional dessert baklava and koulourakia cookies in the shape of a crown are also present at the festive table.

So these were some of the most interesting facts about the traditions and customs around celebration Easter .. Do feel free to share these stories with your friends and family and if you know other rites about making this festival memorable, share them with us by leaving your valuable comments below! Happy Easter 2016! Remember to be good and welcome the light of the Resurrection and God's illimitable love in your hearts!



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