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Easter Clipart 2016

Dog in an easter egg

Easter Clipart is a funny and original way to greet your friends and family for that special festival. We offer you a wide variety of Easter clipart images 2016. Enjoy!

Easter bunny images 2015

Easter clipart images 2015
Easter is the brightest time of the year when we celebrate that the good prevails over the evil, righteousness over unrighteousness Light over Darkness. This is the resurrection of humanity, humility, faith and wisdom.

According to the Christian religion Resurrection (Easter) happens on the third day after Jesus Christ was crucified and buried in the cave. Precisely then myrrh-bearing women who visited the tomb, found it empty. Our Savior is risen! He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, then to the apostles.

Symbols of this bright holiday are the painted eggs, the ritual bread and the rabbit.

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The egg is seen by the followers of Christianity as a symbol of resurrection, the fresh start of a new life, as well as new life comes from an egg hatched by a hen.
According to Christian tradition the first Easter egg was given to the Roman Emperor Tiberius by Mary Magdalene. When she told him about the resurrection of Christ, the Emperor said that was impossible and if so, that egg had to become red. So exactly that happened-the egg became red that very moment.

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In the Eastern Orthodox and Catholic churches Easter eggs are painted red as a symbol of the blood of Christ, and the hard shell symbolizes the sealed Tomb of Christ - cracking the egg symbolizes his resurrection.

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Since then there began the Christian custom to give away red-painted Easter eggs. Later they began to be painted in other colors and get decorated in different ways.

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Historical and archaeological evidence proves that eggs were dyed and presented as gifts in ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome, China and Greece. Rituals associated with them, symbolized the birth of life.
The Jews had the custom to bring a gift to the host of the house they used to visit. If the guest was very poor, they used to give him an egg.

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Easter symbols

Traditionally eggs are painted on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, their number depends on the family members. The first is always colored red by the oldest woman in the house. While it is still warmly painted, she paints the foreheads of children in the shape of a cross to be healthy. First painted red egg is placed before the home icon, to keep the home.

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In the 18th century there began a production of chocolate eggs. Wooden eggs became popular in the 60s. Amazing for their beauty and glamour are the decorative eggs of Peter Carl Fabergé made of precious stones and precious metals. 

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The first precious and unique Easter egg was made in 1885 by order of the Emperor Alexander III as a gift for his wife. By the imperial order Peter Carl Fabergé made 54 Easter eggs for 32 years.

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The ritual breads are an integral part of the traditions of Easter. Usually they are made in a round shape and decorated with tangles, in the middle of them the housewives put a red egg.

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Easter bread symbolizes the body of Jesus Christ. The First cake was made in the 17th century in France.
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The Easter bunny as a symbol existed before the spreading of Christianity. The rabbit is traditionally associated with fertility and abundance, and the ancient rituals and beliefs connected it with the moon and its cycles. 

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There is a legend that the Easter rabbit was once a big beautiful bird, belonging to the goddess of the earth Eostre. Once she turned him into a hare, but as it is still a bird at heart, it continues to make nests and fills them with eggs. 
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