Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter Eggs Decoupage With Napkins 2015

I was searching for Easter eggs original decoration ideas when I found out some great ideas of creativity and I was impressed that without dyes and colored fingers (table, floor, dishes, sink and a bunch of discarded newspapers and rags) you can easily make beautiful Easter eggs. Of course I would not renounced painting eggs with paints as mischief to do this along, but this idea with napkins really seems good. Easter Eggs Decoupage is done with colored napkins that whole or cut into motifs of them stick to the egg using a protein. It only takes a few hours to dry. Easter Eggs must be white to be bright colors of the napkin. Except that are beautiful, and I noticed that the eggs are healthier. The best part however, is that in which alone can create the design on the egg. Get creative is fun preparing for the festival, which will bring more color and amusement around.

For the implementation of this technique are necessary:

Colored napkins, up to your liking
a lightly beaten egg-white
boiled egg whites, which should be well dried and cooled down

The first technique that will show with the whole paper.
In the middle of the napkin is placed egg.
The napkin is collected up so as to wrap the whole egg.
Egg napkin is coated with protein. As soon as he dabbed with white napkin will stick to the egg. At this moment, fixing sections which are folded or deliberately make folds like effect. Egg left on the baking sheet for 3-4 hours or until completely dry. Finish it!

The second technique is the actual decoupage with carved motifs napkin. First separated the top color of the napkin and then it cut the desired motifs.

Stick out one by one on the egg with the help of the protein, as the arrangement is entirely at their own taste.
Leave on the baking sheet for 3-4 hours or until dry. Finish it!

The technique can be applied on already painted eggs and comply color of the egg with the colors of selected motifs from the napkin.



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