Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Happy Easter 2016 Cards With Jesus Christ and Blessings

Animated Cards With Jesus Christ

I know you are looking for animated cards, greetings, and wishes for Easter. Today I decided to present you a selection of the best Happy Easter 2016 Cards With Jesus Christ along with some lovely Easter blessings and wishes to send to your loved ones.

Cards With Jesus Christ

Spring has arrived, full of wonders.
Let Easter arrives
full of blessings!
May God keep you away from evil tongues
sudden misfortune, smarter enemies
and petty friends!
Happy Easter!

May God keep you away from evil

Let the Easter egg remind you
that nothing can destroy your dreams and love.
Experience wonderful and joyous Easter!
Christ is Risen!
Let this Easter bring you
hope and faith in the goodness of people!
Enjoy this happy day of triumph!
God bless you and let
it be a new beginning
for even greater prosperity, success and happiness in your life.
Happy Easter!

Let this Easter bring you joy

Let this Easter bring you
joy, happiness, a lot of God's blessings
and exciting love!
Happy Easter!

Let health and good spirits
do not leave the whole year! Miracles happen, nothing is impossible,
the great your thoughts are, the greater you are yourself!
Christ is Risen!
Happy Easter!

Today Christ is Risen!

Today Christ is Risen!
and he brought joy and happiness to the world.
Bells are ringing, calling us
for a holy prayer.
Let us pray
so that there is peace on earth
and warmth in our hearts.
The sun is shining,
and at home the festive table is waiting for us
to start the fun.
Happy Easter!

the light of Christ's Resurrection

Let the light of Christ's Resurrection,
Bless you and your family, let happiness reigns in your home the whole year.
Stay healthy wrapped with love.
Happy Easter!
Let Easter bring you a lot of hopes and dreams.
Let your family have peace and understanding between each other.
Let your table be full
and your hearts filled with love.
Let Peace reigns in your soul
and let the positive thoughts never leave you.
Happy Easter!

lovely Easter days

These lovely Easter days
I wish you lots of luck and let all you dreams come true.
New hopes and endless emotions.
Beautiful moments with your family and friends.
Win both in the fight with eggs, and in life.
And remember that at this holiday miracles happen.
Let them shower over you.
Happy Easter!

painted Easter eggs

Be beautiful, like the painted Easter eggs
Be good, as the cake, which adorns the table.
Let your life be filled with health, happiness and fun.
Let your Easter
be blessed with a long and happy life,
health and much happiness!
Let this Easter be the happiest for you-
you deserve it!

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