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Happy Easter 2016 DIY Egg Decoration Ideas-Lace Eggs

Easter Eggs Painting technique

Decorating egg shells for Easter can be so much fun. Recently, the decoupage Easter eggs are very trendy, but last year I discovered the thrill in carving the Easter eggs with a lace shell. This decoration is typical for Central Europe, but for me it was a wonderful discovery.
Achieving this Easter Beauty cutting embroidery, full of sentiments of past times, telling memories of life and the excitement of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, now transferred to the fragile white egg shells. The precise decoration of the delicate tracery is associated with a lot of patience and it takes considerable time.

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Grab a pencil in one hand and in the other hand take the shell to mark the cut. If you think this work is not for you, seek for help. In my case the help came from my husband. Well, not all of us can draw or exactly determine the equitable distribution of the holes in the oval surface, but that's what men are for- to come and aid at the right time ...

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Here comes the Conceptual design of carving the eggs with a drill, so first we make the graphic pattern ... the blurry picture ... the beginning of decorating beautiful Easter eggs.

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Then use the engraving machine, reassure the neighbors people we have not opened a dental office and the first openwork holes appear.
I must admit that the operation with the clipper that comes next must be carried out before the big spring cleaning. 

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Otherwise there is a danger the joy of success disappears in the towels re-washing, because the missing parts of the shell fly apart in the form of dust that stick to our gleaming surfaces, covering them with a fine web.
Clean the flakes in the edges. Make a small round. That procedure must be handled very carefully - the smallest excessive pressure can be fatal. I know from experience! 

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After several hours and almost stiff fingers we get a full bowl of riddled shells! Around the holes outline the contours. We could paint a part of the surface with suitable ornaments. the beautiful lace shells, inspired by sawed embroidery are done!

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Now put ribbons in bright colors and decorate the lovely Easter eggs with twigs. For those like me who are creative and love to use their imagination, there are other options. For example, put the lace Easter eggs next to an exotic flower, or a blooming tree in bright colors ...

So these was the awesome lace technique that you can use for decorating Easter eggs. Hope you enjoy our tutorial and will try this procedure yourself and create real masterpieces of art.

So let's enjoy this easter with full of fun and joy.Have a great easter everyone,


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