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Happy Easter Photos 2016 Best Collection

Easter is one of the brightest holidays in the Orthodox calendar. So here we present you our Happy Easter Photos 2016 Best Collection. This is the day when all Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, who by his death redeemed the sins of men, and with his resurrection gave hope for life after death.

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Happy Easter Photos Free Download HD 

So how about we appreciate this Easter with brimming with fun and happiness with everyone.It's the time to have fervor for Easter. Let's wish your nearby people groups glad Easter gentlemen with this excellent Easter photographs. 

Easter is associated with many customs and traditions. Each year the holiday falls on a different date, the eastern Orthodox Church complies with the Julian and Gregorian calendar with Catholic.

The week before Easter is the last week of Lent lasting eight weeks. It is called 'Holy Week', and every day there are certain traditions that Christians must observe. According to the Orthodox Church, during the post should not eat foods of animal origin.

Nowadays, some of the traditions of Easter are quite changed or forgotten, but Christians have preserved the best of the holiday - the painting of eggs and preparation of a special meal. In most Western European countries, one of the main symbols of Easter is the big Easter bunny.

Easter decorations 2016 Images

There are many different ways to different materials that can be used to manufacture an Easter decoration. It takes only a little imagination and effort to get a great decoration.

You can make Easter decorations while having fun with their children, and then to arrange for the holiday table in a simple, beautiful and creating a magical mood manner.

Materials which may be used for the manufacture of such decoration are colored cardboard, textiles, plastic, clay, wood, watercolor or tempera paints and others. All of these can be purchased from most bookstores.

Here are some good examples of Easter decorations:


It is not clear exactly when the custom originated with the painting of eggs, but it is believed that these rituals symbolize the birth of life. Historical data show that the eggs are painted and gifted even in ancient civilizations - Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome, China and others.

In Bulgaria, as in many other countries worldwide, this tradition is one of the most common, preserved to this day. It is a favorite, especially for children, because fun with decorating and painting.

The first egg is always painted red as a symbol of the blood of Christ. The remaining eggs are painted in different colors, decorated with a candle or paint on them. Easter egg fight is also one of the family traditions and the announcement of the "Boracay" - the healthy egg.


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