Saturday, 21 March 2015

Last Minute Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas 2016

If you need some quick ideas for decorating Easter eggs, here are our suggestions for Last Minute Easter Eggs Decoration Ideas 2016.
Easter can make the world around you more colorful and smiling. That is why we offer you different decoration techniques with colorful Easter eggs. Once you see them you will be amazed by the simple but extremely attractive solutions for unique style in making beautiful Easter creations. Use your imagination and make your holiday even more beautiful. And do not forget to have fun. When you enjoy what you are doing, everything around you becomes more beautiful and you infect people near you with this enchanting positive mood and joyful experience.
I want to introduce you to a technique for painting eggs that is really impressive with the patterns created this way.  Moreover, it is easy and fun. I am talking about decoupage.

Decoupage egg decoration technique is applied to boiled, chilled and dried eggs using crushed with a fork protein, not decoupage glue because these eggs are not only for decoration but we can eat them later. The Technique is applied with colored napkins (whole or we just cut their various patterns that will stick to the egg using the protein. It only takes a few hours to dry. It is recommended that the eggs are white make the colors of the napkin clearly visible after they dry.

What do we need?

colored napkins
broken protein
boiled egg whites

What to do?

Take a napkin and divide it into two to use only the top layer. In the middle of the napkin put the egg and wrap it up so as to envelop the whole egg. Now cut with scissors the excessive edges. Then use the protein to make the napkin stick to the egg. If you have received wrinkles- this is the time you need to fix them. Put the egg on a baking sheet to dry (for about 3 hours). That's it!
Use your creativity, on the choice of napkins and selected motifs from them! Create interesting design and impress friends and family for the bright holiday.

Of course, paint some eggs red using egg dye. This is the tradition after all.



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