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Last Minute Easter Table 2016 Decoration Ideas


Easter is the biggest Christian holiday. Bring in their homes festive mood with Easter decorations. See some interesting ideas:

You can improvise with some detail to achieve great effects, as in the case of ordinary candlestick done wonderful Easter tree - stand for colorful Easter eggs

Or use plain bowl and turn it into part of the Easter decoration:

Put the eggs in a small bowl. Then add a little water and some dish with eggs arrange white carnations. Pre-cut their stalks to 7-8 cm maximum.

Similarly made and this decoration table:

Used are glass bowls, white flowers (roses for example, or whatever you like) and twigs glued with butterflies on them.
In case the eggs are painted blue. The same color is selected and the tablecloth.

Several colorful butterflies would introduce cheerful spring mood. They can be made of colored foil or crop images of butterflies from magazines, downloaded and printed, etc. Make them bilateral, using the glue to stick the two sides to each other. Bend their wings and decorate them with Easter basket.

Easter Table 2016 Decoration Ideas

Here are some ideas to complete concepts for table decoration for Easter:

See what exquisite decoration table is derived from the combination of white eggs - white tulips.
Eggs are placed in a glass bowl in which there is little water and white tulips. Tulips are arranged on them are stacked eggs.

For more chic, you can add two eggs placed in silver clip napkin example. They add one tulip and connect on both sides of the bowl with the eggs.

The dishes are white. They are placed white napkins and cooked eggs on which are written the names of guests or family members, if this is a family holiday. Of course you can improvise and add badges guests instead of typing in the eggs.

Easter decoration with flowers

If you want to bring spring in  family lunch, you can use a huge bouquet of flowers of different types and colors to put in the center of the table.

Plates with floral motifs. At several places in the table are installed cups, which are submerged petals of roses.

Of course you can improvise and decorate the table in the color that best suits you or as vessels have.
The secret of the original decoration is in small details:

See this blue theme how pleasant:

Or this green decoration table:



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