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Passover/ Pesach 2016 Delicious Dessert Recipes

Passover 2016 Delicious Dessert Recipes
Tasty dishes for you and your family for Passover 2016.

This is perhaps the most popular Easter dessert in Russia and our favorite for the festive table this year. It has been made since ancient times, as the main ingredient in it is curd. Probably invented as a transition from fast to more fatty foods. Here are some ideas about "Passover" cakes. Prepare them a day earlier because they are most delicious when cooled, and we prefer them in the company of fresh fruits.

Russian Pesach Dessert With Cottage Cheese or Curd
Ingredients for 8 servings:

800 g of cottage cheese/curd
5 egg yolks
vanilla (teaspoon or 3 cm pod)
2/3 cup brown sugar powder (digested with mill)
200 g butter
1 cup liquid cream

Optionally, you can use chopped dried fruit, nuts, raisins.

Mix egg yolks with sugar, add vanilla and cream. Place over low heat and cook to thicken, stirring continually. Once thickened, remove from heat and add butter. Mix well. Clean the curd through a sieve and add to the cooled egg mixture. Put dried fruit, nuts and raisins. Turn dessert in thin wet cloth or gauze, put in shape and pinch with something heavy to remove excess moisture and to give shape dessert. Let stand in refrigerator 12 hours. Remove the cloth, turn on a beautiful dish and decorate.

Tip: if you find it difficult to find quality curd can prepare her own as cross warm milk. We use the juice of 2 lemons average for each liter of milk. Then filtered through gauze.

Traditional Russian Easter Desserts "Passover"


1 1/2 pounds fresh curd
400 g butter
8 egg yolks
600 g caster sugar
2 vanilla
grated rind of 1 lemon
150 g raisins previously soaked in a little rum
150 g whole peeled almonds

Preparation: First cover the Bottom of the colander with a thick cheesecloth placed inside curd, turn with the edges of the cloth, top weights and leave overnight to drain water from the curd. Curd is broken, with butter with a mixer. Add previously beaten yolks with the sugar, vanilla, peel, raisins and peeled whole almonds. Mix everything well.
Russian traditional Passover cake is prepared in a special wooden prefabricated in form of a truncated pyramid consisting of five parts, with a hole at the bottom. On the inside of the walls are carved various figures. If you do not have one, you can improvise with a simple cone-shaped cakes, a deep bowl or flower pots with a hole at the bottom.
Cover the bottom of the form with cheesecloth, pour the mixture inside, squeezing top with burden and leave overnight in the refrigerator. The next day from the form. Optional on the presentation can be garnished with fruit (fresh, canned or sweet).



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