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The Meaning of the Lent and the Holy Week Before Easter

The Meaning of the Lent and the Holy Week Before Easter

Easter is the brightest holiday in the Christian world. In case you have ever wondered about The Meaning of the Lent and the Holy Week Before Easter, here is a thorough explanation of its importance. 

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The forty days before Easter are the most important period of the church year in which Christians prepare their spirit and body for the Christian holiday of Easter. Easter is in the center of all feasts in the Christian world. It is even more valuable than Christmas because it celebrates the Resurrection and the triumph of life over death.

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Forty day Lent in the Orthodox Church covers seven weeks of fasting that have two different origin cycles-that of the ancient Egyptian Christians and the period before Passover, which according to the testimony of the ancient canons initially lasted one, then two days, and finally a whole week, the so-called Holy Week, that was obligatory for all Christians - ascetics, clergy, laity.

When Christ was baptized by St. John in the Jordan River, He was led into the desert by the Holy Spirit and there, into the wilderness, he fasted for forty days and nights (see. Matt. 4: 1-11).

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This event transfers us 2000 years back in time. What is the moral and anthropological nature of repentance? That is a complete renewal of the individual through the grace of the Holy Spirit received at baptism, with our free will.

There, in the desert, the Son of God understood his divine vocation, and, of course, His mission as the Savior of mankind. There, in the desert, he found God and the devil, good and evil, light and darkness, salvation and destruction. Why the Lord had to pass this test, being perfect God and perfect man?

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The struggle to which the beloved Son of God was put in this period of trial, on which depended the fate of all mankind was not in vain. The struggle of Jesus of Nazareth against Satan was both spiritual and material raised with all internal and external force both of the Messiah and the destroyer of souls, the devil. Satan tempted Jesus three times, telling him: "If you are the Son of God ...", thus making him doubt his own nature, trying to weaken his own faith. The devil tempted Jesus to make bread from stones, to throw himself from the Jerusalem temple, to acquire all the power of the Earth. Christ prevailed over the temptation, responding with words of the Scripture- not by bread alone man lives, but by every word that uttered from the mouth of God.

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Similar temptations are all around us every moment, at any time. We are tempted to choose between peace and destruction, between keeping God's commandments or disobeying them, between salvation and destruction.

Christian values ​​of holiness, goodness and beauty can be seen in the context of the perceived responsibility and freedom given to us by our Creator.

Every one of us who wants to be a worthy Christian, but we must be ready to follow Christ, to reject the temptations of the devil for power, wealth and pride. We should be aware of our deep relationship with the True God, Who sacrificed Himself and took upon Himself our sins. Let us Believe in salvation, and participate in the celebration and victory of the Son of God, the Lord of Glory over darkness and death.

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