Thursday, 2 April 2015

Different Ways To Paint Easter Eggs 2016

According to tradition, the Easter eggs are painted on the morning of Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday. Here are some fresh and different Ways To Paint Easter Eggs 2016The first egg to be painted is red. The housewife draws a cross on the foreheads of children, and then the other family members.

First painted egg is kept until next Easter. It is believed that it brings health, luck and happiness.
The second egg must also be red. It leaves the church after Mass on the night of Easter. Each other can paint your own.

In order to be more durable and hard-boiled egg is cooked in salted water 10-12 minutes, minutes detected at the time of boiling water. Once boiled, allow to cool in the water, and then taken out and dried before painting. If made with tartaric acid, it is added to the end of cooking. Then the eggs are covered with beautiful shiny crystals.

Classic painting

It is known to every housewife. Boiled eggs are immersed in the premix solution on the instructions of sachets way paint and kept at least 8-10 minutes. The more you hold the egg, the more saturated the color becomes. If you want a lighter color, keep them less. After obtaining the desired color eggs taken out and placed to dry on absorbent paper and then polished with cotton soaked with oil. Maybe on some of them to stick stickers or decals in the prescribed manner. Currently on the market there are various stickers that make eggs very beautiful.

Painting eggs with added oil

In the dye dissolved in the prescribed manner, add 1-2 tablespoons oil. When the egg is dipped, part of the oil sticks to it and does not allow these places the paint to paint. So eggs are spotted. Can subsequently be immersed in several colors and then the effect is really very good and colorful. Draw is dried and polished with oil.

Painting eggs with gelatin

And cool, boiled egg is immersed in a water bath dissolved gelatin. Once removed from gelatin egg is painted by hand, using a cotton swab and various dyes dissolved in a thick porridge. The dyes must be pulverized so that they can be prepared in this way with very little water. Paint is spilled on gelatin and receive very bright and beautiful eggs. If you have a good imagination and skillful hand, the result is guaranteed. You have a little more patience and desire, but you will be satisfied. Note that the eggs dry out slowly.


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