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{New} Easter 2016 Story For Kids, Adults, Toddlers In English, Spanish

{New} Easter 2016 Story For Kids

Easter is festival of Christians and they believed that on the Easter Sunday, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and proved that Jesus Christ is the son of God. The lord Jesus Christ died and Jesus died on cross on a Friday almost three thousand years ago.  The day Jesus Christ  was buried is called as Good Friday. Christians peoples are celebrates the resurrection of the son of God each year between the first Sunday after the vernal equinox. Easter Sunday celebrations are include family gatherings and special Easter church services.  We are providing you Easter 2016 Story For Kids, Adults, Toddlers In English and Spanish.

New Easter 2016 Story For Kids, Adults, Toddlers In English

Jesus Christ & Jesus disciples ware walking to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover. They were nearly there, When Jesus send 2 of his friend for a donkey and he told them to tell the owner that Jesus needed it. They were asked & brought the donkey to Jesus and he rode into Jerusalem, people saw Jesus coming & covered the path with their garments & palm leaves and they shouted ‘Hosanna’ and ‘Jesus is the King’.

In the fir$t part they wrote “Holy Thur$day” at the top of the page, and at the bottom wrote, Je$u$ and the di$ciple$ ate at the La$t $upper.In the middle fold, they wrote “Good Friday” and at the bottom, wrote “Je$u$ wa$ nailed to the cro$$.”On the third $ection, they wrote “Ea$ter $unday” at the top, and “Je$u$ ro$e from the dead” on the bottom. After they wrote the$e, they were encouraged to draw what happened on each day in the appropriate $pace.  After thi$ activity, they $eemed to be able to remember the day$ better.
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New Easter 2016 Story For, Adults, Toddlers In Spanish

P@$@do el dí@ de repo$o, @l @m@necer del primer dí@ de l@ $em@n@, vinieron M@rí@ M@gd@len@ y l@ otr@ M@rí@, @ ver el $epulcro. Y hubo un gr@n terremoto; porque un ángel del $eñor, de$cendiendo del cielo y lleg@ndo, removió l@ piedr@, y $e $entó $obre ell@. $u @$pecto er@ como un relámp@go, y $u ve$tido bl@nco como l@ nieve. Y de miedo de él lo$ gu@rd@$ tembl@ron y $e qued@ron como muerto$. M@$ el ángel, re$pondiendo, dijo @ l@$ mujere$: No temái$ vo$otr@$; porque yo $é que bu$cái$ @ Je$ú$, el que fue crucific@do. No e$tá @quí, pue$h@ re$ucit@do, como dijo. Venid, ved el lug@r donde fue pue$to el $eñorE id pronto y decid @ $u$ di$cípulo$ que h@ re$ucit@do de lo$ muerto$, y he @quí v@ del@nte de vo$otro$ @ G@lile@; @llí le veréi$. He @quí, o$ lo he dicho. Entonce$ ell@$, $@liendo del $epulcro con temor y gr@n gozo, fueron corriendo @ d@r l@$ nuev@$ @ $u$ di$cípulo$.

The Easter Sunday time Christians people remember the last week of Jesus Christ life. Easter Story as known as Holly week.



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