Thursday, 4 February 2016

10 Easter Gifts For Your Loved Ones

As you’re probably well aware, Easter falls early this year, on March 31, which is less than four weeks away! On Mondays throughout this month we’re going to talk about ways that we can green our Easter celebrations. We’ll start today with ideas for green and natural Easter gifts, and we’ll also cover green Easter baskets and crafts, natural egg dyes, and green Easter celebrations.
Just like Valentine’s Day, the idea that Easter equals a basket full of candy isn’t always the favourite one. Don’t overload it with sugar and artificial colors and flavors just because that’s the “tradition” of Easter. And the other thing about candy? It’s expensive! You might think, “Oh, I’m just going to get a little bit of candy for the Easter basket.” But at least for us, it always ends up costing more than we expect.
10 Easter Gifts For Your Loved Ones
10 Easter Gifts For Your Loved Ones
So, we’re going in a different direction this year, by looking around for more green and natural ideas for simple gifts for Easter.

1. Easter Art Supplies 
kids always love to do arts and crafts in the Easter season , and they can never have enough art supplies. They’re something we  know kids will enjoy and get lots of use out of.

2.Decorated Containers
Easter is all about sping and colours. So why not combine both the ideas and frame it on a container you own? Dive in the colours make beautiful Easter theme patterns on the containers. It’ll not only look good but your dear ones will also be delighted to see such a colourful Easter gift!

3.Books for Easter
I don’t really think I need to say any more about this, but I just believe you can never have too many quality books. We’re always trying to encourage a love of reading  any way we can. So, reach out to a book store and grab some useful books for your loved ones. You can also print a beautiful and heart touching easter prayer on the front page.This will always be preserved as a unique Easter gift in their shelves.
4. jewelry
Here’s something to please your female friends this Easter as well. You can purchase jewelry from the best stores in the town or if yours ideas work well, you can always use your skill at art, not that they will be delighted but can also fall in love with you for your handmade efforts involved. Always remember, Easter is all about colours. So, don’t forget to add some beautiful colours to your art piece or the stuff  you purchase this Easter.
5. Easter Seeds and Gardening Tools
Easter season is all about working and making your garden beautiful and green than ever!, and you can give them their own box to plant. Include some flower seeds and simple vegetable seeds along with a garden trowel and all  sized gloves in their baskets this year.
6. Homemade Easter Bubbles
Another simple and homemade gift that’s fun to use when the weather gets warmer is homemade bubbles. Everyone love bubbles, and we can never seem to have enough on hand this easter.
7. Knitted Stuffed Animal for your kids
The idea of knitting a cute stuffed animal for your kids as a special Easter gift will be great and inexpensive, Think of a striped elephant,it will be so cute!
8. A Unique, Handmade Easter Gift 
There are too many cute things on Easter this time of year, just search eco Easter and you’ll come up with more ideas then you’ll know what to do with. I love the idea of giving a unique and handmade gift and supporting a small artisan. Eye these wooden eggs, because they’d be great to use even after Easter for pretend kitchen play.
9. Fair Trade Easter Chocolate
If you do want to give chocolate, be sure to purchase organic, fair-trade chocolate, so that you can be sure your chocolate purchase is not hurting or exploiting others before it gets to you.
10.  Natural Easter Candies
Everybody love candy, and  don’t be the one to totally deprive them, so put some natural candy in their baskets this year. Some of our favorites are Easter Yummy Earth Organic, Easter  Lollipops, and  Easter organic candies.



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